The industries we serve are generally considered to be challenging. That’s where innovation and lateral thinking is valued.



From times of Leonardo to the brothers and two centuries later today, we are the eagles of the sky. With 1000’s of airplanes traveling daily across the world, with millions of passengers reaching various destinations, sector contains so much demands which we ARYANS are happy to involve in. We advise across the aviation industry, from mid-size and small airports to large regional airport systems and the governments and regulatory authorities that oversee them.

  • Cost-benefit analysis for new routes, new destinations and revenue optimization.
  • Advisory services on strategy, business planning and management.
  • Market analysis and demand forecasting for passenger and cargo carriers.
  • Privatization and transaction advisory services, manage acquisition platforms.
  • Consult on non-aeronautical revenue optimization.
  • Strategy formulations to earn carbon credit and transform companies into green businesses.

Engineering Services Management

Healthcare sector Hospitality industry are having technology breakthroughs like no other. Our experts help you manage and better cater all these high tech environments and give the best potential to your clients. We developed maintenance management and engineering services management modules for key players in hospitality and retail industries in several countries. Further we pioneered the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) concept for engineering services in the banking sector. We also consult on setting engineering services KPIs in the healthcare industry with continuous improvements.

Investment & Corporate Finance

Ever felt like you needed Confucius by your side to take on your competition? Well, you have come to the right place. With a great team of global business experts who have been in the industry for the past 3-4 decades would stand right by you, driving you to the gates of victory. We would be dealing with the sources of funding and the capital structure of your organization and the actions that need to be taken to increase the value of your organization to the shareholders. Our team is equipped with the most updated tools and analysis methods used to allocate your financial resources promptly.

We support family businesses by designing and implementing stakeholder (family or shareholder) management structure and securing the core interests of business owners. For institutional investor clients, including pensions, endowments, and sovereign wealth funds, to drive long-term performance oriented initiatives are formed in stable and mature jurisdictions.

The general service portfolio includes,

Private Equity and Principal Investors consider as a rule of thumb, it is important to raise money at identified milestones. But its more important to direct it wisely and covert them into profits. Our experienced team of experts and global partners would help you in both these crucial points. We also make sure the smooth cash flow across the deal life cycle, ranging from pre-investment diligence through post-investment profit management.

Energy & Power Generation

Energy keeps us mobile and connects us with people near and far it keeps us warm, cools us down, and cooks our meals. It helps us connect with loved ones, harvests our food, fuels our facilities, builds our cities, and cleans our water. We are intense to map the demand side with economical and appropriate generations of clean energy with hydro-electricity, biomass energy and other sources. We possess strong investor relations on materializing clean energy projects with higher RoI from our known markets in Asia and Africa thus we are so excited to maintain 99.9% accuracy during the feasibility analysis. We further specialize in power distribution with regard to countless amount of hydro power and renewable energy projects under our belt over the years.

Our advisory services
  • Market perspective analysis and regulatory management
  • Energy marketing and risk management
  • Plant layout designs with process and movement analysis
  • Feasibility analysis and plant designs
  • Installation supervision and maintenance management
  • Quality standard acquisition and audits

Environment & Society

ARYANS environmental studies department has been one of the oldest branches at existence. ARYANS ECO initiative has created sustainable environment friendly systems over the years and has been blended with all our functions. We have conducted Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for projects of various nature and successfully established mitigation measures with root functions or operations. Moreover, we have valued social business and global social initiatives and have worked on developing a sustainable social sector in most of our working locations (Asia, Africa).

Water Management & Dams

Water Engineering has been one of the oldest functions and core strengths of ARYANS. Having worked with the best experts in the world for over a decade, we have the strength to build, manage and consult any project related giving you and your stakeholders the best care and support with cutting edge solutions. In many developing cities we decide the collection, storage and release of waters in favor of power generation, drinking and irrigation. Our expertise ranges from large reservoirs, tanks, and water tunnels to Smart-Water-Grids in emerging cities. With more than 1500 tanks in its Sri Lankan origin ARYANS possesses vast experiences in irrigation planning and hydro-mechanical structures.

Our clients